Smart Meter Franking

View up to date information about Smart Meter Technology here and see how beneficial this service is.

Smart Meter franking technology is a slightly older piece of technology that can be used in all modern franking machines. It was released during the year of 2011 to give UK franking machine users exclusive access to all Royal Mail VAT services and products. The sole purpose of this was to allow 'Data Capture' to track which VAT services were used so that any paid VAT could be returned.

We can supply you with a range of Smart Meter enabled franking machines for your business, enabling us to supply you with the best and most up to date franking machine models. Look below to find out more about Smart Meter Technology and why you should use this in your current franking machine.

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Smart Meter Technology

Below you will be able to find a complete list of all Smart Meter franking machines currently available in the UK. The list below is the most updated list that we are aware of. For more accurate information we suggest contacting your franking machine supplier.

Below is a complete list of the most up to date Smart Meter enabled franking machines. The models listed are all Smart Meter ready and capable of using this brilliant and beneficial franking technology. You can receive a quick quote for any of the franking machines listed below via our online form.

Smart Meter Enabled Franking Machines

Pitney Bowes Smart Meter Franking Machines

  • DM50 / DM55
  • DM60
  • DM100i / DM125i / DM150i / DM175i / DM200i
  • DM110i
  • DM160i / DM220i
  • DM300c / DM400c / DM475
  • DM300M / DM400M
  • DM400 / DM500 / DM550 / DM575
  • DM800 / DM900 / DM1000
  • Connect+® 500W
  • Connect+® 1000
  • Connect+® 2000
  • Connect+® 3000
  • SendPro P1000
  • SendPro P1500
  • SendPro P2000
  • SendPro P3000

Neopost Smart Meter Franking Machines

  • IS240
  • IS280c
  • Autostamp 2
  • IS330
  • IS350c
  • IN360
  • IS420
  • IS420c
  • IS440
  • IS440c
  • IN600
  • IS460
  • IS480
  • IS480c
  • IN700
  • IS5000
  • IS6000
  • IS6000c

Frama Smart Meter Franking Machines

  • Accessmail
  • Ecomail
  • Officemail
  • Matrix F2
  • Matrix F2L
  • Mailmax
  • Matrix F4
  • Matrix F4L
  • Matrix F6
  • Matrix F12
  • Matrix F22
  • Matrix F32
  • Matrix F42
  • Matrix F62
  • Matrix F82

FP Mailing Smart Meter Franking Machines

  • Postbase Mini
  • Mymail
  • Optimail 25 / 30 / 35
  • Postbase Qi3
  • Postbase Qi4
  • Postbase Qi6
  • Postbase Qi9
  • Postbase Ten
  • Postbase One
  • Ultimail 60 / 65 / 90 / 95
  • Centormail
  • Qi 1000
  • Qi 1500
  • Qi 2000
  • Qi 3000

Smart Meter Franking Benefits

Below you will find the various benefits that will be gained by using the latest Smart Meter franking technology. By franking in smart blue franking ink and using VAT services with a smart meter franking machine all of the below benefits can and will be gained.

Useful Smart Meter Benefits

Use Smart Blue Ink!

Smart meter franking ensures that you use smart blue franking ink. This will see delivery speeds increase and improve the look of outgoing mail.

VAT Services!

You will have exclusive access to all Royal Mail services and products that are liable to VAT. Services such as Before 9am Special Delivery can be accessed.

Regain paid VAT!

Smart Meter technology allows you to reclaim any paid VAT. This works by data capture recording every service and product used to frank a mail item. This is reclaimed from HMRC.

Apply Correct Postage!

You can always ensure that you pay the correct postage on every item. This will eliminating the risk of miss paying with your franking machine.

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